Phase 1

  • Release on an exchange

Phase 2

  • Sell off 50% of premine to begin circulation and raise funds for perbug freelance network

Phase 3

  • Begin development of perbug freelance network

Phase 4

  • Begin venture capital fund from perbug tax

Phase 5

  • To the moon

Instructions on how to mine.

Step 1

Download the latest stable release from the below: Or you can visit

Step 2

Unzip the downloaded directory.

Step 3

Edit the file RUN-TimeTravel.bat and update the mining pool details with your own. It should look something like... cpuminer-gw64-corei7 -a timetravel -o stratum+tcp:// -u PVhUC99YkRviGQXmzxA4bNy3cZFDHb41pX -p c=MAC pause

Step 4

Double click the RUN-TimeTravel.bat to start mining.